Flex Your Funny Bone with Capt. Joe Gonzalez

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Miami native Capt. Joe Gonzalez has joined the Guy Harvey Outpost Outfitter program.  Gonzalez is a world class flats guide.  Joe is a modest gentleman who with a quick wit and an osprey’s eyes.  At Guy Harvey Outpost we keep out eyes open for excellent guides.

Ray Lombard's grin matches the size of his bonefish with Capt. Joe Gonzalez.

Ray Lombard’s grin matches the size of his bonefish with Capt. Joe Gonzalez.

With Joe’s accomplishments it is easy to see that he is at the top of the game.

* Capt. Joe has tagged over 1500 bonefish.  More than any other guide in the world.

* Capt. Joe has won Bonefish Tarpon Trust ’s Project Permit twice.

* Capt. Joe served on Bonefish Tarpon Trust’s Expert Bonefish Panel at the BTT Symposium.

* Capt. Joe is the second recipient of the Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award.

Capt. Joe works with the University of Miami’s Bonefish Research team.

Capt. Joe Gonzalez is a regular on the salt water seminar circuit.  You will find him sharing his skills and techniques at the IGFA‘s Tarpon Tune-up and Saltwater Sportman ’s Seminar Series. You can also find Joe on TV on shows like Flats Class TV with CA Richardson, Bass2Bills with Peter Miller and Sportsman’s Adventures with Rick Murphy just to mention a few.

Fly and light tackle fishing are Joe’s forte. He focuses his efforts on Biscayne Bay, Flamingo and the Florida Keys. On the Funny Bone you will get shots at Tarpon, Bonefish and even the elusive permit. Add snook, redfish, trout and sharks on light tackle and it is “Game On!”  Given Joe’s knowledge of his quarry and his involvement with ongoing science projects we encourage you to participate in these programs and to learn a little bit extra while you are out on the water.


Capt. Joe is not just a great fishing guide, he is very sharp. Joe’s straight face belies the tales he tells; so be ready to have your leg pulled. And bring your “A” game if you want a lot of laughs.

Permit_MG_6774 - Version 2

Weather you are an accomplished angler or need some tips on your technique; you will enjoy your time on the Funny Bone.

Tournaments, holidays and weekends get booked early so please plan ahead. Mid-week charters are easier to book and give you the added advantage of less competition on the water. Capt. Joe is on the Pro-Staff of AFTCOHell’s Bay Boatworks,  Raymarine Electronics, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and Evinrude Motors.

To book a charter with Joe: reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com or call 800.513.5257

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Guy Harvey Outpost Outfitter, Ray Rosher, Teaches Kite Fishing at the IGFA

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Learn from the master, Capt. Ray Rosher.  Kite Fishing Techniques is part of the IGFA’s School of Sportfishing series, Tuesday, December 2nd, 7-10pm. Kite Fishing is particularly effective for targeting Sailfish.  Ray runs the Miss Britt charter boats out of Monty’s Marina in Coconut Grove, Miami FL.  He and the Miss Britt team are winners of over 50 billfish tournaments.      We are proud that Ray is also one of Guy Harvey Outpost’s Fishing Outfitters.

While kite fishing is famous for catching sailfish it can be used to catch other billfish, tuna, dolphin, kingfish and sharks.  The kite adds to the excitement by keeping the bait near the surface where anglers and crew can often see the bite. Kingfish and Spanish mackerel often skyrocket on the bait from below launching like missiles.   Hammerheads can be brought close to the boat for a photograph.  With practice the kite can be used to bring sailfish within casting distance with a fly rod.

Key West Winners 2014

Ray Rosher, Miss Britt Key West Winners 2014

The class takes place at the International Game Fish Association’s  Headquaters in Dania Beach, FL.   Cost per class is $100 USD for IGFA members and $150 USD for non IGFA members.  The fee covers the cost of the class, course materials, and tackle used for activities during each class. For more details call Anthony Vedral at 954-924-4254 or e-mail avedral@igfa.org

For Fishing with Guy Harvey Outpost: www.ghofish.com

More Information on Guy Harvey Outpost & their great resorts:  http://www.guyharveyoutpost.com/

For the Guy Harvey Outpost Blog www.guyharveyoutpostnews.com

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Brendal’s Dive Center, A Guy Harvey Outfitter & Green Turtle Cay’s Reef Sharks

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If you want to dive in the northeastern Bahamas there is really only one man to see, Brendal Stevens.  There are other dive operators but Brendal’s Dive Center stands above all the rest and the Green Turtle Club gets you right on top of some of the best and most exciting dives including a variety of big animals.


Photo: Brendal’s Dive Center & Water Sports, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

If you want to get certified to SCUBA dive Brendal can teach you from square one or handle your check out dives for PADI, NAUI, SSI or SDI.  In 2006 the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism awarded Brendal with it’s Cacique Award for Sustainable Tourism.  This is the Bahamian “Oscar!”  

If you are ready for some big animals Brendal can put you with the “Silver King” tarpon, giant grouper, the island’s name sake Green Turtles or those camera hogs with the big grins, Sharks!  Nurse sharks are seen on many of Brendal’s dives.  If you want to see the “Sexy Stars” of the show, the Caribbean Reef Sharks then one of his Shark Observation Dives is the way to go. 

Shark Week may be coming to a close but our big animal “Stars” are available year round.  Don’t miss the show, call the Outpost Reservations Desk to find out more at (800) 513-5257. 

Photo: Brendal's Dive Center & Water Sports, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Photo: Brendal’s Dive Center & Water Sports, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Capt. Slate’s Creature Feature at the Islander Guy Harvey Outpost Islamorada

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Not every creature is scary. Not every creature has hair either.

Capt Slate's Dive Center

Every Friday & Sunday morning at 8:30, Capt. Slate goes diving with his friends.  Some want to cuddle; some just like a scratch behind the fin.  Please do not try this at home, Capt. Slate is a trained professional and has been a practicing creature for 36 years!

Slate moray

When diving be careful of the “S” word… No not Sharks…  SLATE!!!

Capt. Slate is one of Guy Harvey Outpost’s “Go to guys.”  He relocated his shop just a short drive from the Islander Resort, a Guy Harvey Outpost in Islamorada.  The drive from Miami International Airport it is less than two hour to the Islander.  So no matter where you are coming from we can get you in the water in no time.  And we promise, Slate is not as scary as he looks.

To get up close to Capt. Slate or one of his friends give our Reservation Wranglers a call at 800-513-5257 or drop them a line reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com

“Whale Sharks Are Our Friends” at Guy Harvery Outpost

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Plankton eating Whale Sharks do not have the teeth that give some sharks that “Over Bite” reputation.  These gentle giants grow to 40 feet long and have a sense of curiosity.  They have been known to hang around and almost study divers and snorkelers.

Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Photo: Guy Harvey PhD.

Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Photo: Guy Harvey PhD.

On some levels Whale Sharks may be the most “User Friendly Sharks:” big, no teeth, warm waters, frequently at snorkel depth, and curious enough to interact with divers.  There is still much we do not know about them but one thing we do know is that they can be seen by Guy Harvey Outpost divers at the Iguana Crossing Galapagos, Bimini Sands, Bahamas, but almost guaranteed at Hotel Playa Media Luna at Isla Mujeres, Mexico. For more info on our Whale Shark Encounters at Isla Mujeres (scroll to the bottom of the page).

To learn more about our Whale Shark Encounters call our Reservations line at 800-513-5257 or reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com

Guy Harvey Outpost, Mako Shark in the Dredge, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

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Very cool clip of a Mako Shark following & biting the dredge-cam.

This young male mako makes swimming with the fast moving dredge look effortless. Guy Harvey Research Institute scientists and the Guy Harvey Outpost Team based their Expedition efforts out of the Hotel Playa Media Luna on Isla Mujeres, just north of Cancun. During their trip the successfully caught and tagged eight mako sharks with satellite tags.

Stay tuned we will have lots more detail for you following Shark Week.  Catch more Shark Week photos from Guy Harvey Outpost on Facebook.

— at Isla Mujeres, Cancún, México.

Shark Week Begins at Guy Harvey Outpost’s Bimini Sands

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Hamerhead, Grant Johnson Bimini Hammerhead Photo Credit: Grant Johnson

Shark Week reminds us that there are all sorts of great Big Animal Encounters and Guy Harvey Outpost has lots of them. Our Hammerhead Shark Safaris offered through Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center starts off our Shark Week. Scuba Diving Magazine’s Readers Choice Award ranked the Bahamas #1 in Big Animals in the Caribbean & Atlantic in 2013 for a reason.

You do not have to go far to get your Shark on either; just 50 miles east of Miami on the island of South Bimini. The scuba diving with Great Hammerheads takes place in 25-feet of water over a white sand bottom just minutes from our docks at the Bimini Sands, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Property! Led by Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures staff, the Hammerhead Shark dives run January through March and sell out early. This dive provides an unparalleled photo and video opportunity for serious divers.

Other Big Animal Adventures we offer at the Bimini Sands include our Wild Dolphin Safaris, Stingray Dives and Reef Shark Encounters with Caribbean Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks. Snorkeling gear is all you need to enjoy the Dolphins, Stingrays and Reef Sharks. Call Guy Harvey Outpost Reservations for details: 800.513.5257!

Catch more shark photos with Guy Harvey Outpost on Facebook.

#SharkWeek is underway on Discovery Channel!

AUGUST 12th UPDATE: The Discovery Channel included this dive in their #MonsterHammerhead episode on #SharkWeek Congratulations Neal Watson & team!

USA Today featured the Bimini Great Hammerhead Dive as one of their top 5 Shark Dives: Swimming with Sharks: A Guide to the Best Dives



Guy Harvey Film, Research Inspires North Vancouver Mayor to Support Shark Fin Ban

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NOTE: The following article appears courtesy of Huffington Post Canada.

A wave of bylaws banning the possession, trade, sale and distribution of shark fin products has swept across the province of British Columbia this past month. North Vancouver joined Port Moody and Coquitlam in introducing a ban on shark fin soup in restaurants, a popular Asian dish that supports a vast industry that is decimating shark populations worldwide and threatens many species with extinction.

Interestingly, Artists for Conservation played an important role in this policy change. Last year the mayor of the city of North Vancouver, Darrell Mussatto, attended the first annual Artists for Conservation Festival on Grouse Mountain. It was there where he first met legendary marine artist Dr. Guy Harvey, a leading advocate for the shark-fin ban, and founder of the Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI).

Dr. Harvey’s documentary “This is Your Ocean: Sharks” premiered at the festival last November and Mayor Mussatto had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Harvey about his efforts to save sharks from extinction through his film. That encounter inspired him to support a shark fin ban in his city last month.

Read the Full Article

An Open Letter from Guy Harvey

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Fellow anglers, divers and boaters,

It has come to my attention that that there is some concern, particularly among anglers in the northeast US, about my allegiance to the sport fishing community. Please know that first and foremost I am a life-long angler who loves nothing more than spending a day on the water in pursuit of big fish. It’s my passion and my profession, and I live it practically every day of the year. I am also a dedicated conservationist – I believe that we must fish responsibly and ensure the health of fish stocks throughout the world.

In an effort to broaden the message of responsible fishing, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) has supported, collaborated and partnered with many organizations over the past four years, including the Shark Free Marina Initiative (SFMI). Sharks are in serious trouble in the US and around the world. However, I am not advocating for a ban on all shark fishing. My position has always been for all anglers to take a responsible, conservation-minded approach to sharks – before you legally harvest a shark, simply consider what you are doing and why you are doing it.

The shark free/friendly concept was initiated to educate and make people aware of the severe pressures being put upon sharks populations around the globe. In the past several years, we have seen many shark tournaments – particularly in Florida – go to an all-release format, which makes for responsible fishing since most of the species of sharks caught in tournaments are traditionally not good table fare.

In contrast, the iconic mako shark is considered fair game in the northeast US, as are tunas and swordfish above federal size limits. Catch and release shark tournaments in this area with high minimum qualifying weights are well organized and have shark conservation measures at heart, as do the partial release billfish tournaments in the mid-Atlantic, which I have proudly supported for over two decades.

In addition, in the US and around the world there are areas of local abundance of species where anglers can legally harvest these species in a sustainable way, even though elsewhere in the world that species may be considered rare or overexploited. This practice is fine with me. I am all about sustainability in sport fishing and commercial fishing, as well as in spearfishing and diving. However, there are many anglers who are not concerned about sustainability and that is cause for concern.

Much of the recent criticism directed my way has stemmed from the role of the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) within the SFMI organization, and alleged ties to PETA and the PEW Environment Group (PEG). I have difficulty in accommodating the role of the HSUS in the sport fishing arena. Other than encouraging catch and release where possible, I see no reason for this organization to exert any influence in sport fishing. I have an even stronger opinion of PETA, which is just too extreme to even get my attention.

As for Pew, I am not aligned with them personally, nor have I supported them during my 20-year tenure as a board member of the IGFA. The one instance in which I worked alongside PEG was in a successful effort to prevent the archipelago of the Bahamas – which was home to the last bastion of sharks in the western Atlantic – from being scoured of sharks by impending commercial interests. The GHOF’s collaborative effort with PEG and the Bahamas National Trust worked, and it prevented the wholesale slaughter of species by people who don’t give a damn.

I also support shark interactive programs and have patronized many such programs in different countries. These interactions with otherwise shy, elusive creatures are inspiring, educational and very entertaining – all without killing a single animal. In addition, the socio-economic value of these interactive sites is immense to the host countries. Only days ago, I returned from a shoot in Isla Mujeres, Mexico where for 60 days each summer thousands of whale sharks gather to feed on plankton blooms and fish spawn. This interaction pumps millions of dollars into the Mexican economy each summer. If this phenomenon occurred in the Orient, then I am certain the harpoon boats would be racing the snorkelers to the sites every day.

Another issue I have difficulty accepting is proposed MPAs based on nothing other than whims of people who want to get rid of sport fishing. These proposed areas, which are closed to sport fishing, typically do not go through a scientific analysis to tell us all about the inventory of species or the estimated biomass from which a regulated harvest could be managed. However, specific time and area closures for certain species at certain times of year do work well. It is ludicrous to allow any harvest of any animal when it is reproducing, so closure of reef fish (snapper and grouper) spawning aggregations during their respective spawning times is a good management practice, as we have seen in the Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

There are many issues facing recreational anglers and many of us have conflicting opinions on how to apply solutions that best benefit the fisheries. Not everyone is going to agree with me on every issue. However, please don’t underestimate my dedication and commitment to the sport fishing community – along with AFTCO, I put back approximately 10 percent of all royalties generated by my art into fishery research and educational programs around the world.

I want to remind my fan base – as well as all of the naysayers – that I love fishing and I love to cook and eat the fish that I catch. I do fish responsibly – I release all billfish and undersized wahoo, tuna or dolphin that I catch. But, a nice bull dolphin, yellowfin or blackfin is going in the cooler! Swordfish are also fair game – in the tournaments we have in Cayman the small ones are released and the big ones are taken. In fact, we just landed a 600 pound plus swordfish on July 22 in Mexico. Not a scrap was wasted!

Tight lines and good luck.

Guy Harvey PhD.

Massive Mako Surprises Diver and Blue Marlin During Guy Harvey Expedition in the Bahamas

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You never know who will show up on a Guy Harvey Expedition! In this video, a massive 10 ft. long, 600 lb. mako breaks the underwater silence when it rockets past the camera as it stalks a blue marlin!

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