South Florida’s 2016 Python Challenge: Snakes Alive, but Hopefully Not For Long

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snakeBy Sue Cocking, Guy Harvey Outpost staff writer

Catching a python in the wild is no easy feat:  sort of like trying to solve a large, difficult jigsaw puzzle and then having the puzzle board itself fight back –hard.

That’s what the more than 300 participants who’ve signed up for the 2016 Python Challenge Jan. 16 through Feb. 14 are about to find out for themselves.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Wildlife Foundation of Florida will repeat the South Florida event first held in 2013 when nearly 1,600 participants took out only 68 snakes.  But the low harvest came as no surprise to the wildlife agency and other snake experts. That’s because Burmese pythons– despite reaching sizes of more than 18 feet and numbering in the thousands in the South Florida woods–don’t just jump out at you like an alligator might.

“The detection rate is very low,” said environmental scientist Joe Wasilewski of Homestead, who’s been tracking pythons and other reptiles in South Florida since the 1980s.  “They’re going to walk past them more than not.  They could be right next to you and they just blend right in.”

Wasilewski has some tips and advice for new and inexperienced python hunters hoping for a shot at winning $5,000 for top team or $3,500 for top individual in the 2016 Challenge:

o Pay careful attention during mandatory online and optional in-person training sessions being conducted by the FWC.

Wasilewski says it’s especially important to learn to distinguish exotics like Burmese, rock and reticulated pythons from indigenous snakes.

“Don’t be jumping on everything you see,” he said.  “Be careful and make sure you are grabbing the right snake.”

Even experts, he said, sometimes have difficulty discerning a large rat snake (a harmless native species) from a small Burmese python.  So study lots of pictures before your hunt so you can make a positive ID.

o Plan your hunt for areas bordering Everglades National Park.

The national park will be off-limits to all but a handful of state- and federally-permitted hunters.  So try to hunt in the Southern Glades Wildlife and Environmental Area located between Homestead and the Keys, or in the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area adjacent to Tamiami Trail, Wasilewski suggested.  The Rotenberger and Holey Land Wildlife Management Areas straddling western Broward and Palm Beach counties also should be productive, he said.

o Best hunting will be walking canal levees on sunny mornings following cool nights.

That’s where the cold-blooded reptiles are likely to be out in the open, warming themselves, Wasilewski said.  But if you don’t spot them, poke the bushes with your snake hook; look for “sheds” ( the snake’s sloughed skin); and check around rock piles and human debris such as old carpet or aluminum siding.

o If you are wrestling with a python and it bites your hand, do NOT try to pull  away.

The python’s teeth curve inward, causing severe injury if you try to yank your hand out of its jaws, Wasilewki said.  The solution:  rubbing alcohol.

“Pour it into their mouth and they let go,” he said, citing personal experience.

The scientist doesn’t expect a huge bounty of snakes to be taken in the Challenge, but says it’s still a worthwhile endeavor because it raises awareness of a major environmental problem.

“They’re literally eating their way through the Everglades,” Wasilewski said.  “They eat rats, mice, rabbits, raccoons, bobcats, birds and even full-grown gators.  Definitely not a good thing to have in the Everglades.”

For more information on the 2016 Python Challenge, go to


Sue Cocking chronicles the Guy Harvey Outpost travel and adventure experience in regular blog posts on  For 21 years, Cocking covered the full spectrum of outdoors adventure opportunities in South Florida and beyond for the Miami Herald, including fishing, diving, hunting, paddling camping, sailing and powerboat racing.  She is a certified scuba diver and holder of an IGFA women’s world fly fishing record for a 29-pound permit.


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Celebrated Resort/Hospitality Designer Malcolm Berg Selected For Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, St. Augustine Beach Conversion

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Malcolm Berg PhotoRenovations Scheduled For  Completion in Spring 2016 For Re-Opening as a Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts Property

AUGUSTINE BEACH, FL—NOVEMBER 17, 2015—Malcolm Berg and his award winning design firm E0A, Inc., have been selected to create the interior design of the new Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Resort, schedule to debut in the Spring of 2016. Formerly the Holiday Isle Resort, the 152-room property will feature the adventure lifestyle of Guy Harvey, a world renowned marine artist, documentarian, underwater explorer, marine scientist and conservation advocate.

The resort’s new design concept, according to Berg, “is about new discoveries, about finding the unexpected, about looking beneath the surface to find new perspectives.” Adds Mark Ellert, president of Outpost, “Malcolm is the new voice of design.  He’s deconstructing traditional hospitality design, replacing it with the synthesis of art, architecture, technology and cultural narrative that we refer to as social design.”

The project scope entails a complete renovation, including the resort’s registration building, meeting spaces and the poolside bar.  Berg said plans call for “lightening up the feeling of cramped compartmentalized public spaces, creating more connectivity to the outdoors and encouraging a carefree, respectful, nature-loving lifestyle as embodied by Guy Harvey.”

The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Resort, St. Augustine Beach will join the company’s Signature Collection brand  The other Guy Harvey Outpost Signature resorts are located in St. Pete Beach and Islamorada. The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Resort St. Augustine is owned and managed by affiliates of Tampa based, HI Development.

Florida Chef Showcases Fishing and Fine Food on “Chopped”

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ChefABy Sue Cocking, Guy Harvey Outpost Staff Writer

When the Food Network’s hit series “Chopped” premieres Dec. 3 at 8 p.m., four pastry chefs will compete to create sumptuous chocolate dishes for the host and judges.  One of the contestants is Fort Lauderdale’s Anthony Hunt, 39, corporate pastry chef for the Restaurant People group that operates popular eateries YOLO and S-3.  But Hunt is unique–he’s the only professional bass tournament angler ever featured on the show.

With the nickname “5oz” representing the margin by which he lost a tournament a few years back, Hunt is preparing to break into the bass fishing majors– the Wal-Mart FLW Tour and the Bassmaster Elite Series– in 2016.  But he still keeps a foot in the kitchen and spends time with his four children aged 1-14.

“I’m working; I’m fishing. I’m pulled in 20 different directions,” Hunt said.

With a high social media profile and Internet prominence on both angling and foodie sites, Hunt has been able to attract both fishing industry and non-endemic sponsors to further his tournament quest– something that many would-be bass pros have had difficulty doing.  He’s as likely to get hits and ‘likes’ for promoting a chocolate maker as a plastic frog lure.

“No one’s ever had a chef on board as pro staff,” he said.  “I can grab the two audiences at one time.”

Hunt has been a professional chef for 15 years, but he has aspired to a professional bass fishing career since he was seven years old watching Larry Nixon catch the big ones on television.

The first step in his quest will be the FLW Rayovac Tournament on Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston  January 14-16– one of the qualifiers for the national tour.

To score a paycheck, he needs to spend a lot of prep time on the water.

“I approach it like a new lake every time I’m up there,”  he said of the 730-square mile Big O.  “I go fishing like I’ve never been there before. I try to keep an open mind on what you’re going to have to do to catch ’em. The ‘home court’ can hurt you.”

Hunt is hoping for cold weather because he “fishes stronger” under those conditions.  But he’s ready for whatever.

Meanwhile, he’s enjoying his time in the culinary spotlight on “Chopped”.

“It’s just awesome.  I’m happy I made it,” he said.

Now here’s a delicious Chef Anthony recipe you WON’T see on the television show– Swordfish Lollipops:


1 lb. cleaned swordfish rectangles cut 1 inch by 2 inches

2 oz. chopped Italian parsley plus 1 tsp. kosher salt

2 oz. blackening seasoning

1 oz. ground fine black pepper, preferably dry table pepper, plus 1 tsp. kosher salt

3 tbsp. olive oil

8-inch skewers soaked for 1 hour in water


Skewer fish rectangles three quarters of the way into the flesh.  Pat dry with paper towel.  Roll the fish into each spice or herb to coat all sides.  Sear fish in olive oil in a medium sauté pan on medium-high heat, flat sides down, for 30 seconds on each side or to desired done-ness.  Remove from heat.

Slap on the sauce of your choice, such as homemade guacamole; lemon-garlic mayo; or classic sriracha.



Sue Cocking chronicles the Guy Harvey Outpost travel and adventure experience in regular blog posts on  For 21 years, Cocking covered the full spectrum of outdoors adventure opportunities in South Florida and beyond for the Miami Herald, including fishing, diving, hunting, paddling, camping, sailing and powerboat racing.  She is a certified scuba diver and holder of an IGFA women’s world fly fishing record for a 29-pound permit. 


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Take 10 Lionfish, Get an Extra Lobster During Sport Season

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Lionfish-Being-Netted_359x479At its June meeting in Sarasota, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved a new and exciting opportunity that will encourage divers to remove invasive lionfish by allowing them to take one extra spiny lobster each day during the two-day sport season this summer (July 29-30) that they also harvest 10 lionfish.

In addition, people can take a photo of their lionfish and lobster catch during the two-day season and post it on to get a “Be the Predator” T-shirt. One lucky photo entrant will also win a lifetime saltwater fishing license via a drawing held shortly after the sport season.

“The FWC operates in a culture of innovation. Opportunities like this are a great way to get divers who are already in the water accustomed to removing lionfish,” said Commissioner Brian Yablonski. “Our hope is that once lobster divers realize how easy it is to remove lionfish, they will continue to do so throughout the regular lobster season and beyond.”

Lionfish are invasive species that have a potential negative impact on Florida’s native wildlife and habitat. With no predators or other mechanisms such as disease or parasites keeping the lionfish population under control in Florida at this time, harvest by divers is the primary means of lionfish removal.

For the 2015 spiny lobster sport season only, divers will be allowed a single spiny lobster over the bag limit per dayfor each day that they also harvest 10 or more lionfish. Lionfish must be kept as proof of harvest while on the water. When off the water, a photo of harvesters with their 10 lionfish must be kept to document eligibility for harvesting an extra lobster. Lionfish must be harvested the same day and prior to taking the additional lobster. All other rules, including no spearfishing zones, apply.

The two-day spiny lobster recreational sport season (also known as mini-season) falls on the last Wednesday and Thursday of July each year before the Aug. 6 opening of the regular season. During this two-day season, the regular bag limit is six spiny lobster in state and federal waters of Biscayne National Park waters and off Monroe County, and 12 spiny lobster elsewhere. There is no bag limit for lionfish; harvesters can take as many as they want.

If the program is successful at encouraging lionfish removal, it could be continued in future years.

For more information, visit and select “Commission Meetings” then the “Agenda.” For information about recreational spiny lobster, visit and click on “Saltwater,” “Recreational” and “Lobster.”

Help the FWC by reporting all lionfish catches and sightings via the Report Florida Lionfish app or at

This article appears courtesy of Guy Harvey Magazine

High Tea with Bimini’s Hammerhead Sharks

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It looks pretty ferocious swimming straight at me – 13 feet of smooth cartilage and muscle topped by rows of jagged teeth and a wide mantle with unblinking black eyes on either end.  But this great hammerhead shark could not care less about me or any of the other guest scuba divers kneeling in the sand a short distance from Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center in the Bahamas.

Instead, the animal’s gaze is trained on Grant Johnson and his aluminum box full of fish scraps.

It glides unhurriedly up to Johnson, who pushes a piece of fish toward it with a PVC staff.  The shark gulps the morsel and moves on, giving the next hammerhead a turn at the feed trough.  It goes on like that 25 feet deep on the sand for nearly two hours, as three more hammerheads–all bearing streamer tags in their dorsal fins–join the rotation.

The apprehension I felt early on soon gives way to awe and enchantment at having a front row seat as one of the ocean’s fiercest predators enjoys an afternoon snack.

It occurs to me that if more people could observe this underwater version of 4 p.m. high tea, then perhaps sharks wouldn’t suffer from such a widespread public relations problem. Johnson, who used to work at the Bimini Biological Research Station (known locally as the ‘shark lab’), serves as the animals’ local spokesman– educating guests on their importance to the marine ecosystem and trying to take the fear factor out of interacting with them.

Hammerheads are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as globally endangered.  When their numbers plummet, the marine environment suffers.  As apex predators, they cull the weak and sick from the world’s oceans and ensure fish stocks remain healthy and balanced.

Although hammerheads are protected in Florida, the Bahamas and some other areas, they travel great distances to other waters, as shown by data from satellite and streamer tags implanted by scientists.  In many of these areas, they are subject to being killed indiscriminately.

An up-close encounter with these magnificent animals can change hearts and minds, inspiring the formerly uninitiated to want to conserve them.  And that’s what Johnson and his colleagues are doing every day out on the waters surrounding Bimini.

Explore the HMS Winchester with Capt. Lars Vihlen, March 18th, Islamorada

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The History of Diving Museum in Islamorada hosts Capt. Lars Vihlen as part of the Museum’s Immerse Yourself! seminar series.

In 1695 only two years after she was built, the crew of the HMS Winchester were struck by scurvy.  With the death of many and her crew greatly weakend she wrecked on a reef just south of Carysfort Light. Her remains are visible in 28 feet of water inside Penekamp Park.


The Winchester, a British man-of-war, was 121-feet in length.  She had a beam of 38 feet and carried 60 guns.  Almost all of her 400 crew were lost, mostly to disease.

HDM-flyer-03182015-Capt Vihlen

The presentation is open to the general public. Admission is free to Monroe County residents and Museum members and $10 for visitors.  Pre-seminar museum tours will be conducted at 5:15pm and 6pm.  Museum tours are included with admission.  Members may reserve their seats in advance.

The History of Diving Museum is located at: 82990 Overseas Hwy about one mile north of the Islander Resort, a Guy Harvey Outpost.

For more information on the History of Diving Museum

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Guy Harvey Outpost Launches Fishing for the Future Tournament

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Running thru 2015, the innovative Fish for the Future tournament is open to anglers anywhere in the world, with divisions and awards for twenty gamefish species.  “With the iGHOFISH app we can now actually host a tournament with literally no limit on fishing boundaries, and in the process populate the foundations’ database with valuable catch data,’ noted Mark Ellert, President of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges.   Ellert announced the launch of the company’s new fishing app, iGHOFISH, created to serve as the record keeper for the tournament. “The iGHOFISH app is a perfect reflection of our Outpost brand focus on convergence of watersport recreation, marine science and conservation. It’s ‘must have’ gear in the tackle box of every Guy Harvey Outpost angler.”  Using software developed by the Snook and Gamefish Foundation, tournament catches will automatically populate the foundation’s database of over 130 inshore and offshore species.

Created initially by the Snook and Gamefish Foundation (SGF) as a snook species data collection process, their Angler Action program has expanded dramatically with its intuitive user-friendly format and ease of use. “Our fishery database now includes over 30,000 catches,” notes Brett Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the SGF. “We’re excited to have Guy Harvey Outpost help us expand our reach with recreational anglers, especially those committed to data-driven fishery management practices and policies.”

“This tournament and our iGHOFISH app are a way of making citizen science just as much fun as fishing,” commented Cliff Jensen, Director of Fishing Programs for Guy Harvey Outpost. “Not all of us who love to fish have a PhD like Guy Harvey, but with this iGHOFISH app every angler can make a difference by collecting data that helps put those PhD’s to work. That sounds like fun, maybe not for the scientists but certainly for the rest of us.”

There is no cost to enter the Guy Harvey Outpost “Fish for the Future” fishing tournament. The iGHOFISH app is free, and is available for iOS and Android phones.

00 GHO-Logo

About Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts

 Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The company’s Signature Collection properties operate under the Guy Harvey Outpost brand name, with resorts currently in Florida’s popular destinations of St. Pete Beach and Islamorada. The newest Guy Harvey Outpost Resort will open on St. Augustine Beach in fall, 2015. A 30-unit Signature Collection eco-lodge is planned for construction in the Galapagos Islands, on the island of San Cristobal.

Members of the company’s Expedition Portfolio are independently operated and managed boutique sized hotels and lodges in remote destinations that offer superior service and amenities. Member hotels enjoy access to Outpost marketing and its reservation system and on-line booking engine. Expedition Properties include four in the Bahamas: Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour at West End, Bimini Sands on South Bimini, the Green Turtle Club and Blackfly Bonefish Lodge, both in the Abaco Islands. In the Caribbean: Fort Young Hotel on Dominica, the Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman and Hotel Playa Media Luna in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  The award winning Iguana Crossing Hotel, Isabella, Galapagos Islands.

Through the company’s GHOFish program, Guy Harvey Outpost promotes scientific angling expeditions, tournaments and charters. Expedition Outfitters an invitation-only collection of top-of-class dive shops and guided or charter boat fishing outfitters.

The company was founded in 2007 by Mark Ellert, a veteran hospitality professional, and is co-owned by Dr. Harvey, Bill Shedd and Charles Forman. Shedd is the owner of AFTCO, recognized worldwide for its big-game fishing tackle and merchandise. AFTCO is the official licensee of Guy Harvey Sportswear. Both Harvey and Shedd are trustees of the prestigious International Game Fishing Association, IGFA, cofounded by Ernest Hemingway during his days on Bimini. Forman is a practicing eminent domain lawyer and early partner of Dr. Harvey in the growth of his licensing and publishing activities.

Snook Foundation Logo

About The Snook and Gamefish Foundation

Established in 1998 by Mr. William R. Mote, founder of the world renowned marine science organization Mote Marine Laboratory, the mission of SGF is to aid in the protection and preservation of current fish populations for future generations by facilitating coordination between anglers, researchers, and policy makers. SGF maintains an unwavering ethos of the conservation, preservation, restoration and enhancement of estuarine and coastal water habitats that define fishing – and SGF believes informed anglers are the key to realizing these goals.

SGF’s Angler Action program was designed with Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and input from the TPWD Coastal Fisheries Division and its data is used by Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for conduction stock assessments. The program now stands on the threshold of creating a global network of angling data that will assist with stock assessments and functional habitat identification and use.


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Guy Harvey Outpost’s Ultimate Panama Big Game Fishing Trip

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Panama Yacht and Fishing Charters (PYFC) is the newest member of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges’ Expedition Collection.  The Ms B Haven, mother-ship & fleet are based in Panama City, Panama and available for charter in both the Caribbean and Pacific.  “Panama is an adventure travel paradise and a destination without equal for world class sportfishing and island hopping,” commented Guy Harvey Outpost President, Mark Ellert announcing the new partnership.  “Instead of settling for a single location, this Outpost offers the best of all worlds – a fleet of rooms that can move around this amazing country.   Whether it’s offshore big-game fishing in the Pacific, backcountry fishing along the Caribbean coast, exploring the Canal Zone, or discovering the remote and beautiful Pearl and San Blas Islands, there’s literally something of interest for everyone and PYFC Outpost can take you there.”

Ms B Haven

Ms B Haven, fish in luxury by day and lounge in your private fishing lodge by night.

Fishing from a mother-ship allows you the freedom to fish legendary places like Pinas Bay and Hanibal Bank or explore the idyllic San Blas archipelago.  The PYFC Outpost fleet includes a 98’ tri-deck motor yacht, two sportfishing boats – a 66’ Buddy Davis and 37’ Strike – and a flats skiff. The mother-ship carries a complement of water-toys, jet skis and a complete dive center.

Cherin III at anchor in Panama.

Cherin III at anchor in Panama.

Owned by a Florida based fishing enthusiast, the Panama Yacht & Fishing Charters Outpost is operated by South Africa native Hennie Marais, considered one of Panamas’ most respected sportfishing outfitters and lodge operators. “We have assembled a group of captains and crew to rival any tournament caliber sportfishing team you’ll find stateside”, notes Marais. “The Buddy Davis and Strike are equipped with all the best big-game tackle, and the mother-ship is our luxury lodge that is never far out of range when it’s time for lines-out.”

Panama native and seasoned sportfishing Captain Yasser “Jacko” Torres runs the Buddy Davis.  Adds Marais, “experience and communication in the cockpit are essential to consistently catching big fish and having fun and PYFC Outpost has that covered.  Jacko and his crew have all the requisite tournament credentials and are fluent in English, French and Russian, as well as Spanish, so anglers from all over the world will certainly enjoy their time with us.”

In commenting on the newest Expedition Collection property, Outpost co-founder and IGFA trustee Bill Shedd compared the new PYFC Outpost to long-range fishing operations common to southern California, where his company AFTCO is based.  “While I’ve enjoyed many long range fishing trips, and you can always move around to find fish, they seldom have the space, amenities and comfort to bring along the family or business associates.  Our new PYFC Outpost eliminates that problem, without question.  Fish or fun, dive or sun.  You decide, but its top-of-class”.

The PYFC Outpost fleet accommodates up to twelve guests and is available for three and six day charters, with customized float plans based on cruising or fishing preferences.  For charter information, contact Guy Harvey Outpost toll free at 1.800. 513.5257 or visit

 For More Information:

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Get Ready to Wahoo with the IGFA & Old Bahama Bay

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Capt. Tony DiGiulian Teaches How to Catch Wintertime Wahoo at the IGFA’s School of Sportfishing next Monday, December 15, 2014, 7-10pm.

Known as one of the fastest fish in the ocean, wahoo don’t last long on a dinner plate either.    Capt. DiGiulian’s class will teach anglers how to target and more consistently catch wahoo in the cooler months of the year.  He is co-founder of the IGFA School of Sportfishing and has lectured on fishing techniques around the world through his Saltwater Professional Consulting.

Tony Wahoo

Captain Anthony DiGulian and his favorite wahoo rig.

Unlike most locales where wahoo are often considered incidental catches due to their somewhat nomadic and loner nature, at Old Bahama Bay, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Lodge they are  caught consistently October to March.   Double and triple headers of wahoo are relatively common during the season. One-hundred pounders are caught each year in the Bahamas. Wahoo grow quite large with the all tackle record reaching 184 pounds. Just north of Old Bahama Bay is the area known as “Wahoo Alley.”  This stretch, where the Little Bahama Bank meets the Gulfstream, gets special recognition on fishing charts.   Wahoo also make great table fair  and can be found at your local sushi bar as Ono.  To celebrate WAHOO Season, Guy Harvey Outpost is hosting the Wahoo Bonfire Festival and Tournament at Old Bahama Bay February 26th – March 1st 2015.  The Wahoo Bonfire Festival will feature a variety of activities including a Burning Wahoo Sculpture by artist Bobby Little.


The Wintertime Wahoo Techniques class will be held at the International Game Fish Association’s  Headquaters in Dania Beach, FL.   Cost per class is $100 USD for IGFA members and $150 USD for non IGFA members.  The fee covers the cost of the class, course materials, and tackle used for activities during each class. For more details call Anthony Vedral at 954-924-4254 or e-mail

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Register to Win: GHO Fishing Trip with Guy Harvey Outpost

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Ready, Set, GHO Fish with the “Wild and Crazy Guys” on the Zinn Dog.  Win a fishing trip for you and up to 5 friends on the Zinn Dog enter at Jeff Maggio and Lunkerdog did not get to be YouTube stars sitting at the dock.  They know how to FIND YOUR FISH.

Capt Jeff Contest

Or enter at the Guy Harvey Outpost booth at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (Booth #27) in the main tent (6A) at Bahia Mar.  So if you want to have some fun and fish for Sailfish, Tarpon, Kingfish or Tuna give the prize wheel a try at our Boat Show booth.  Also included is a set of six fully rigged killer marlin lures from Bost Lures.

The Zinn Dog underway.

The Zinn Dog underway.  Run that Dog!

Capt. Jeff had the Zinn Dog custom made in Maine.  She is built on the hull of a Wesmac Lobster Boat.  They fish year round in Maine and in all kinds of weather.  To say that the Zinn Dog is a stable platform understates the obvious.  For more information on the Zinn Dog

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