Bouncer for Sale at Guy Harvey’s Bimini Sands Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

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“Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith Auctions Bimini Fishing Charters To Benefit Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and IGFA, During Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash Bonfire & Tournament at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina June 26 – June 29

 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (May 8, 2014) – Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts announced today plans to offer Bimini fishing charters with IGFA “Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith  during its upcoming  Beach Bash Bonfire and Tournament.  The June 26-29 tournament will be hosted by Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, the newest member of the Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Collection of offshore resorts and lodges. Guy Harvey Outpost has opened on-line tournament registration where anglers and their guests can bid on half and full day charters with Capt. Bouncer.  Auction proceeds will go directly to the IGFA and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to benefit conservation efforts in Bimini and its surrounding waters.

 “This is a first for me,” said Capt. Bouncer. “I’ve taken clients to Bimini to chase world records, but this is a special opportunity for anyone of any age who wants to learn first-hand my secrets of the Bimini fishing grounds.” Added Mark Ellert, president of Guy Harvey Outpost, “Fishing Bouncer and his 33-foot Dusky is the difference between fishing and catching, whatever your target species might be in Bimini. If you want to improve your odds at winning this tournament, chartering Bouncer is the way to do it.” Capt. Bouncer and crew will be available for half day charters Thursday afternoon and Friday and for a full day charter the day of the tournament, Saturday, June 28.

 The tournament format will provide prizes for all ages and species, with boat awards and scoring incentives based on largest fish caught and released. A separate billfish division will award both teams and anglers with the highest aggregate points based on the number of billfish caught and released. “With awards for length not number of fish, luck will be a factor and should create some surprising winners for non-billfish species.  After all, even blind squirrels find nuts on occasion,” adds Capt. Bouncer with his trademark smile.  

Tournament festivities will kick off Monday evening, June 23, in Fort Lauderdale with a pre-departure dockside party hosted by Papa’s Pilar Rum at the Bimini Boatyard Bar & Grill. Capt. Bouncer Smith will be on hand to offer tips on current Bimini fishing conditions and techniques.  From there the action moves to the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, with pre-fishing and social activities on Thursday and Friday, June 26 and 27.  Saturday is tournament day, with fishing from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, followed by beachfront pig-roast and awards ceremony that evening.

For more information and to register for the tournament or bid on a Capt. Bouncer charter, call Guy Harvey Outpost at 1-800-513-5257 or visit

About Captain Bouncer Smith

Inducted by the IGFA in 2014 as a “Legendary Captain”, Capt. Bouncer Smith is a South Florida sport fishing pioneer. Respected for his intimate sport fishing knowledge Capt. Bouncer Smith has devoted his life to sharing fishing with others through his radio shows, magazine articles, seminars, and IGFA “conservation through education” efforts. Fishing out of the Miami Beach Marina, Capt. Bouncer and his 33’ Dusky center console are icons among South Florida charter boat captains and crews, having won most major South Florida fishing tournaments during his career.  For more information visit

About The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament

The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament will be held June 26-29 at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina. The event marks the return of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts to Bimini, the birthplace of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), after a two year hiatus to pursue development elsewhere in the Bahamas and Caribbean.   The event will feature an exciting IGFA compliant fishing competition, scuba diving, family-friendly Bahamian activities and much more, headlined by world-renowned marine artist and conservation advocate Guy Harvey and Florida fishing authority Capt. Bouncer Smith. During the event’s signature bonfire celebrations, 30-foot tall Blue Marlin wire sculptures by artist Bobby Little will be lit on fire Friday and Saturday night. The company expects the Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament to become a standing South Bimini summertime event at the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina.  For more information visit

About Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges promote sustainable adventure tourism and high quality watersport activities. With properties located in pristine waterfront settings, the company has become a symbol of ocean conservation and awareness while fostering lifelong memories for its guests. Its Signature Collection properties currently include the Tradewinds Resort on St. Petersburg Beach and the Islander Resort in Islamorada, and construction is underway on a 30-unit eco-lodge in the Galapagos Islands. Members of the company’s Expedition Portfolio include a network of independently owned and operated boutique hotels in Mexico and the Bahamas. For more information and reservations at all Guy Harvey Outpost properties, visit

About Bimini Sands Resort & Marina

Located 50 miles from Miami on the gateway island of South Bimini, Bimini Sands Resort & Marina features fully furnished villas with breathtaking waterfront views, a full-service marina accommodating boats up to 115 feet and three freshwater swimming pools. Bimini Sands also boasts several upscale dining options, including the island’s only sushi bar, and guests can enjoy a full complement of watersport activities. Minutes from Bimini International Airport, its idyllic location offers spectacular views of Bimini’s unparalleled blue waters and radiant sunsets, along with picturesque coral reefs and a secluded beach setting. Family-owned and operated for more than 15 years, Bimini Sands is one of the Bahamas’ best-rated family vacation destinations. For more information visit

DISPATCH FROM THE FIELD: 5th Annual Lionfish Derby, Green Turtle Club, Abaco, Bahamas

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GTC 5th Annual Lionfish Derby

This is Part I of a 3-part report by Capt. Ned Stone, Director of Programs for Guy Harvey Outpost, following his participation in the Green Turtle Club’s 5th Annual Lionfish Derby.

Filed by Capt. Ned Stone

Guy Harvey Outpost HQ, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

July 3, 2013

I caught the 12:30pm Lauderdale flight to Treasure Cay.  Grabbed my bag at gate check and was through immigration and customs in 10 minutes.  A couple of ladies asked me how to get to Green Turtle.  I said “Come on, let’s go.”  We piled into the second van in line and before the taxi’s air-conditioning had fully engaged we were unloading at the ferry dock.  The ferry arrived shortly and our bags were stowed before we could say “Thank you.”  We dropped some folks in town and a couple others along the way but were checked in at the Club in time for a grilled Mahi sandwich before 3 o’clock.

The Rum Punch, last year’s International Winners invited me to join their team. Boat name aside these guys were serious.   I was on the dock at 0525 and we were underway at 0545.  With an hour’s run north we were in the water by 7am.  We spread out along the lee shore of Allen’s Cay and started the hunt.  I had been assigned a pink mask and a pink pole spear.  I needed to kill something quick to re-claim my “Man Card.”  I saw lots of juvenile Nassau Grouper, a big octopus, a couple of lobster and plenty of snapper but no lionfish on the reef.

Jenna, our ever ready driver repositioned us down current. Val got one right off the bat. George got one too; so things were looking up.  Well sort of, I was filled with conflicting emotions.  When we can’t find them, that IS a good thing, right?  But charged with testosterone and on a mission; I needed to score.  In a Derby you really do keep score.  A hundred yards later I spied the enemy.  There were two proud sentinels guarding their fort.  My blood pressure jumped.  I grabbed my nose, dove, pulled my pole spear back and let fly.  A single spine of my paralizer had him; my shot was a bit high and left; a little too eager.   I pulled back to get his comrade before he could get away.  This time I took an extra second and lined up – center mass.  Got him!  But the thrust shook the first guy free and he was gone deep in the reef.

Further along I spied a small lionfish.  I lined him in my sights, and pulled the trigger.  He was just too small.  He got pinned to the reef with holes in him but when I pulled the spear back all those feathers went to work squirting into the reef

Our catch count was holding at 5 fish.  We were running low on time and energy.  We stopped at Spanish Cay dock where the owner said “Killed three yesterday.  Take another look.”  Over I went and was just about done when I spied the enemy out on a dolphin pile.  I needed to make one more kill.  This time I got in close and lined up the spear just outside his fin tips and let her go.  Three divers, a blond helms-lady, and a lot of saltwater,  Six dead lionfish, priceless!

Fortunately we had lots of help from Bahamian and international teams; combined we captured a total of 1204 of the enemy.

Ford EcoBoost 400 Winner to Receive Contender Boat Outfitted with Guy Harvey Seascape Design

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MIAMI, FL—NOVEMBER 12, 2012— Homestead-Miami Speedway is again giving away a uniquely South Florida “trophy” to its NASCAR Sprint Cup Series EcoBoost 400 race winner.  It’s a Bay Boat, equipped with a 250-horsepower, 4-stoke Yamaha engine, built by Homestead-based Contender Boats.

New for 2012 is that marine wildlife artist and conservationist, Dr. Guy Harvey has designed a wrap for the boat that features checkered flags, sailfish and marlin.  All 43 drivers in the Ford EcoBoost 400 field will have a chance to win the prize boat.

“Our relationship with Contender Boats started in 2011, and now includes another natural in Guy Harvey,” said Homestead-Miami Speedway President Matthew Becherer.  “It’s fantastic to bring together these two iconic and uniquely South Florida entities that have collaborated to design and outfit this one-of-a-kind boat for our race winner.

In addition to the design for the boat wrap, Dr. Harvey and Homestead-Miami Speedway are teaming up for other fan elements:

* Dr. Harvey has designed the cover of the official Ford Championship Weekend program, which will be on sale at the track during race weekend.

* Dr. Harvey has also designed commemorative posters and t-shirts that will be for sale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, both during the race and beyond.  Proceeds from the sales of the t-shirts will be donated to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Homestead-Miami Speedway’s Driving for a Cause Foundation.

* South Floridians and out-of-town guests in for the race will be able to enjoy NASCAR stock cars that include Guy Harvey Custom Wraps.

“We’ve long believed that our fans and NASCAR fans share a passion or the outdoors,” said Dr. Harvey.  “We know our message of marine conservation and sustainable fisheries will find a receptive audience within NASCAR’s ranks.”

FWC ID’s Mystery Eyeball – and the Winner is…

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The origins of the mystery eyeball that washed up on a South Florida beach last week was the subject of much debate among experts and laymen alike. Guesses about what animal the very large eyeball belonged to ranged from the plausible – giant squid, large billfish – to the, well, highly implausible – such as the long-extinct megalodon! Now, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission says the mystery is solved:

After examining an eye found on a south Florida beach this week, researchers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) believe the specimen came from a swordfish. Genetic testing will be done to confirm the identification.

“Experts on site and remotely have viewed and analyzed the eye, and based on its color, size and structure, along with the presence of bone around it, we believe the eye came from a swordfish,” said Joan Herrera, curator of collections at the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg. “Based on straight-line cuts visible around the eye, we believe it was removed by a fisherman and discarded.”

The approximately softball-size eye was recovered by a citizen in Pompano Beach on Wednesday. FWC staff received the eye later that day. Swordfish are commonly fished in the Florida Straits offshore of south Florida at this time of year.

A highly migratory fish, swordfish can be found from the surface to as deep as 2,000 feet. Swordfish in the Atlantic can reach a maximum size of over 1,100 pounds, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Swordfish feed on a wide variety of fish and invertebrates.

The mystery eyeball that washed up on a South Florida beach…

…and a close-up of a swordfish eye. Mystery solved?

Guy Harvey Film, Research Inspires North Vancouver Mayor to Support Shark Fin Ban

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NOTE: The following article appears courtesy of Huffington Post Canada.

A wave of bylaws banning the possession, trade, sale and distribution of shark fin products has swept across the province of British Columbia this past month. North Vancouver joined Port Moody and Coquitlam in introducing a ban on shark fin soup in restaurants, a popular Asian dish that supports a vast industry that is decimating shark populations worldwide and threatens many species with extinction.

Interestingly, Artists for Conservation played an important role in this policy change. Last year the mayor of the city of North Vancouver, Darrell Mussatto, attended the first annual Artists for Conservation Festival on Grouse Mountain. It was there where he first met legendary marine artist Dr. Guy Harvey, a leading advocate for the shark-fin ban, and founder of the Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI).

Dr. Harvey’s documentary “This is Your Ocean: Sharks” premiered at the festival last November and Mayor Mussatto had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Harvey about his efforts to save sharks from extinction through his film. That encounter inspired him to support a shark fin ban in his city last month.

Read the Full Article

IGFA Praises Passing of Billfish Conservation Act

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NOTE: The IGFA released the following statement in response to President Obama signing of the Billfish Conservation Act:

Today, President Obama signed the the Billfish Conservation Act into law, effectively banning the importation of all billfish into the continental United States. The signing marks the culmination of a united undertaking by a diverse coalition of angling and conservation organizations working in cooperation with a bipartisan group of congressional champions. Although there are no commercial fisheries targeting billfish in the US, the US has been the largest importer of billfish in the world, importing about 30,000 billfish annually.

“This is a tremendous success for these highly migratory species,” National Coalition for Marine Conservation President (NCMC) Ken Hinman said. “Marlin, sailfish, and spearfish do not know country boundaries and travel through three of the planet’s oceans. Giving them greater protection in the United States sets the stage for better protection worldwide.”

With the largest buyer out of the market, the NCMC and the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), who championed the bill, will now turn their attention to the international challenges facing these imperiled species. And with populations of three species of marlin having declined by more than 50%, their efforts come not a moment too soon.

“Recreational anglers and ocean conservationists have been the primary supporters behind the Billfish Conservation Act,” IGFA President Rob Kramer commented, “and I am confident that with this strong step by the United States, we will be able to raise support for more robust measures elsewhere.”

The support of the Billfish Conservation Act by groups like the American Sportfishing Association, the Center for Coastal Conservation, the Coastal Conservation Association, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, the Guy Harvey Ocean FoundationKeep America Fishing, the National Marine Manufacturer’s AssociationOCEARCH and numerous partners in the environmental community played an integral part in the bill’s success.

“We have sound science that indicates that billfish are not doing well on a global level,” IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser added. “Better international protection for these fish benefits open ocean ecosystems and recreational anglers around the world.”

Guy Harvey Talks Fisheries Symposium & Guy Harvey Outpost Grand Opening with Fishing Florida Radio

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Guy recently spoke with BooDreaux, Steve and Capt. Mike of Fishing Florida Radio to discuss the upcoming Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Symposium, which is being held this week in conjunction with the Grand Opening of the new Guy Harvey Outpost on St. Pete Beach. Click here to listen to the interview.

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Donates $50,000 To Florida Youth Conservation Centers

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Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation check presentation (left-to-right) FWC Commissioner Charles Roberts; FWC Commissioner Aliese Priddy; FWC Commissioner Richard Corbett,  Antonio Fins, Executive Director of Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation; Steve Stock, President of Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Guy Harvey, Inc; FWC Chairman Kenneth Wright;  FWC Vice-Chairman Kathy Barco; FWC Commissioner Brian Yablonski; FWC Commissioner Ronald Bergeron; WFF Exec. Dir. Brett Boston

TAMPA, FL—SEPTEMBER 6, 2012— The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation today furthered its commitment to marine education efforts in the Sunshine State with a $50,000 donation to the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (FYCNN).

The FYCCN is a non-profit partnership between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Wildlife Foundation of Florida. Working with 85 partner organizations, FYCNN has served more than 120,000 Florida youths in the past three fiscal years by connecting them with traditional outdoor activities. The Guy Harvey organization’s donation will provide seed funding to establish 10 permanent summer camps for youths to introduce them to saltwater environment education, saltwater fishing, kayaking and other conservation-related activities.

Steve Stock, president of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Guy Harvey, Inc., said the FYCNN was made possible by monies raised this year through a partnership with the Florida Lottery. Guy Harvey’s artwork and merchandise, including apparel, have long been among the most recognizable and popular brand. In March of this year, The Florida Lottery launched the GUY HARVEY® Scratch-Off game, featuring a series of six colorful wildlife illustrations. The game distributed 12 million $2 tickets in just five months, making it one of the most successful scratch-off games in the 25-year history of the Florida Lottery.

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Guy Harvey, Inc., are committed to investing lottery game proceeds in marine conservation and education programs across Florida. The funding of the FYCCN is a major step toward achieving that goal.

“By supporting these youth conservation centers we are directly meeting our mission objectives to fund both inspired scientific research and innovative education programs to encourage conservation and best management practices for sustainable marine environments,” said Dr. Harvey.  “Helping our children develop a conservation ethic through a strong personal connection with nature is essential for   the future of the state’s natural resources.”

Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Symposium Announced for September 14-15 in St. Pete Beach, FL

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Health of Gulf Seafood, Fishery Analysis and Habitat Restoration on Agenda

ST. PETE BEACH, FL—AUGUST 20, 2012— Two years after the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil well was finally capped, the largest gathering of scientists, fishery experts and government officials are gathering in St. Pete Beach to share the findings of their research, and to offer direction for further study.

The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Symposium, on Sept. 14-15, is the first summit to bring together the various stakeholders in the Gulf’s fishery, an annual multi-billion-dollar industry for Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

The oil gusher and the clear environmental damage in 2010 captivated international attention and raised doubts about the safety of eating Gulf of Mexico seafood. It also raised concerns about short- and long-term damage to fish stocks.  Research to be presented at the symposium will begin to definitively address these issues.

The symposium will also present the results of research funded by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation‘s 2010 “Save Our Gulf” campaign, which raised $500,000 to fund gulf fisheries research related to the oil spill. It will bring together representatives from all sectors of the marine world – recreational and commercial fishermen, non-governmental and governmental agencies, politicians, fishing authorities and marine scientists – to explore vital issues facing the Gulf through presentations and panel discussions. More than 200 are expected to attend and participate.

The recommendations offered by the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Symposium will also involve requesting funding from the $20 billion trust established by BP to respond to claims from individuals, businesses and government entities.

Headliners appearing at the symposium are Dr. Bill Hogarth, director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography and a former Assistant Administrator for Fisheries at NOAA, and Dr. Guy Harvey, celebrated artist, fisheries scientist and conservationist. The symposium’s line-up includes Eric Schwaab, Acting Assistant Secretary for Conservation and Management, Gil McRae, Director, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI)Donald Kent, President of the Hubbs-Seaworld InstituteDr. Bob Hueter from Mote Marine LaboratoryDr. Mahmood Shivji, Director of the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University.

The ultimate mission of the symposium is to provide a platform where all stakeholder groups can share knowledge and move forward with a unified mission of a sustainable and healthy fishery in the Gulf of Mexico.

For a final agenda and listing of speakers and panelists, please go to

The symposium will be held at the TradeWinds Islands Resort on St. Pete Beach.  The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Symposium is sponsored by NOAA, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the University of South Florida, the Florida Institute of Oceanography, Mote Marine Laboratory, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Guy Harvey Magazine.

Guy Harvey Donates To Scholarship Awards

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The Sportfishing Conservancy announced today that world-renowned gamefish artist, angler and conservationist Guy Harvey has donated $4,000 through his Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to sponsor the four scholarship awards that will culminate the summer-long 2012 Sanctuary Classic online fishing photo contest.  As such, when these four $1,000 scholarships are presented to the parents or guardians of children under 18 following the event’s Labor Day conclusion, they will be named the Guy Harvey Sanctuary Classic Scholarship Awards.

Harvey himself will be among the judges, choosing from among all the photos submitted through the event’s website ( four photos that best exemplify the following themes:  Kids Fishing, Kids and Family Fishing Values, Kids in the Sanctuaries, Kids in the Outdoors and Kids Conservation.  All photos of kids entered over the summer-long run of the Sanctuary Classic will be considered for these special awards, as well as for the weekly awards.

“On behalf of all partner organizations who have made this unique event possible, we are extremely grateful to Guy Harvey for his generous support and participation as a judge,” said Tom Raftican, president of The Sportfishing Conservancy.  “We’re proud to name these special awards after him.  Guy’s worldwide reputation as a marine artist, sport fisherman and conservationist makes him an ideal representative for the Sanctuary Classic.  At its heart, this event is about encouraging families to get out and fish and develop a new appreciation for our national marine sanctuaries — and Guy’s involvement will certainly help us achieve these goals,” Raftican added.

The 2012 Sanctuary Classic was created by the Sportfishing Conservancy in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and several other national organizations, with the goal of getting more families and youth outdoors to enjoy the abundant recreational fishing opportunities in our nation’s national marine sanctuaries.   This free online fishing/photo contest began with a kick-off event on two coasts June 9 and continues through September 3.

The Classic promotes conservation-focused recreational fishing opportunities in all of our nation’s marine sanctuaries, while highlighting four in particular: the Florida Keys, Channel Islands (Calif.), Monterey Bay (Calif.) and Gray’s Reef (Ga.) National Marine Sanctuaries.  In addition to encouraging angling participation, the Classic provides anglers with information about the unique habitats in each of these locations and encourages the adoption of best recreational fishing practices.  Participants angling in any marine sanctuary are eligible to submit photos of their catches via the tournament web site and winners will be selected each week.

Weekly winners (based on website votes) will receive $100 gift certificates, with the four scholarship award winners to be judged from all entries.   The use of photo submissions — rather than fish brought back to the dock — helps encourage and promote catch-and-release fishing during the tournament, a key technique to preserve marine life in the sanctuaries.

The National Marine Sanctuary System spans over 150,000 square miles of ocean and Great Lakes waters from the Hawaiian Islands to the Florida Keys, and from Lake Huron to American Samoa. While the sanctuary program’s primary mission is to protect the nation’s critical marine ecosystems, 98 percent of all sanctuary waters are open to activities including recreational fishing, diving, surfing and swimming.

Additional support for the Classic is being provided by national and local partners including the National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation, which provided initial funding though the Ernest F. Hollings Ocean Awareness Trust Fund and West Marine.

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