Flex Your Funny Bone with Capt. Joe Gonzalez

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Miami native Capt. Joe Gonzalez has joined the Guy Harvey Outpost Outfitter program.  Gonzalez is a world class flats guide.  Joe is a modest gentleman who with a quick wit and an osprey’s eyes.  At Guy Harvey Outpost we keep out eyes open for excellent guides.

Ray Lombard's grin matches the size of his bonefish with Capt. Joe Gonzalez.

Ray Lombard’s grin matches the size of his bonefish with Capt. Joe Gonzalez.

With Joe’s accomplishments it is easy to see that he is at the top of the game.

* Capt. Joe has tagged over 1500 bonefish.  More than any other guide in the world.

* Capt. Joe has won Bonefish Tarpon Trust ’s Project Permit twice.

* Capt. Joe served on Bonefish Tarpon Trust’s Expert Bonefish Panel at the BTT Symposium.

* Capt. Joe is the second recipient of the Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award.

Capt. Joe works with the University of Miami’s Bonefish Research team.

Capt. Joe Gonzalez is a regular on the salt water seminar circuit.  You will find him sharing his skills and techniques at the IGFA‘s Tarpon Tune-up and Saltwater Sportman ’s Seminar Series. You can also find Joe on TV on shows like Flats Class TV with CA Richardson, Bass2Bills with Peter Miller and Sportsman’s Adventures with Rick Murphy just to mention a few.

Fly and light tackle fishing are Joe’s forte. He focuses his efforts on Biscayne Bay, Flamingo and the Florida Keys. On the Funny Bone you will get shots at Tarpon, Bonefish and even the elusive permit. Add snook, redfish, trout and sharks on light tackle and it is “Game On!”  Given Joe’s knowledge of his quarry and his involvement with ongoing science projects we encourage you to participate in these programs and to learn a little bit extra while you are out on the water.


Capt. Joe is not just a great fishing guide, he is very sharp. Joe’s straight face belies the tales he tells; so be ready to have your leg pulled. And bring your “A” game if you want a lot of laughs.

Permit_MG_6774 - Version 2

Weather you are an accomplished angler or need some tips on your technique; you will enjoy your time on the Funny Bone.

Tournaments, holidays and weekends get booked early so please plan ahead. Mid-week charters are easier to book and give you the added advantage of less competition on the water. Capt. Joe is on the Pro-Staff of AFTCOHell’s Bay Boatworks,  Raymarine Electronics, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and Evinrude Motors.

To book a charter with Joe: reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com or call 800.513.5257

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Guy Harvey Outpost Launches Fishing for the Future Tournament

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Running thru 2015, the innovative Fish for the Future tournament is open to anglers anywhere in the world, with divisions and awards for twenty gamefish species.  “With the iGHOFISH app we can now actually host a tournament with literally no limit on fishing boundaries, and in the process populate the foundations’ database with valuable catch data,’ noted Mark Ellert, President of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges.   Ellert announced the launch of the company’s new fishing app, iGHOFISH, created to serve as the record keeper for the tournament. “The iGHOFISH app is a perfect reflection of our Outpost brand focus on convergence of watersport recreation, marine science and conservation. It’s ‘must have’ gear in the tackle box of every Guy Harvey Outpost angler.”  Using software developed by the Snook and Gamefish Foundation, tournament catches will automatically populate the foundation’s database of over 130 inshore and offshore species.

Created initially by the Snook and Gamefish Foundation (SGF) as a snook species data collection process, their Angler Action program has expanded dramatically with its intuitive user-friendly format and ease of use. “Our fishery database now includes over 30,000 catches,” notes Brett Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the SGF. “We’re excited to have Guy Harvey Outpost help us expand our reach with recreational anglers, especially those committed to data-driven fishery management practices and policies.”

“This tournament and our iGHOFISH app are a way of making citizen science just as much fun as fishing,” commented Cliff Jensen, Director of Fishing Programs for Guy Harvey Outpost. “Not all of us who love to fish have a PhD like Guy Harvey, but with this iGHOFISH app every angler can make a difference by collecting data that helps put those PhD’s to work. That sounds like fun, maybe not for the scientists but certainly for the rest of us.”

There is no cost to enter the Guy Harvey Outpost “Fish for the Future” fishing tournament. The iGHOFISH app is free, and is available for iOS and Android phones.

00 GHO-Logo

About Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts     guyharveyoutpost.com

 Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The company’s Signature Collection properties operate under the Guy Harvey Outpost brand name, with resorts currently in Florida’s popular destinations of St. Pete Beach and Islamorada. The newest Guy Harvey Outpost Resort will open on St. Augustine Beach in fall, 2015. A 30-unit Signature Collection eco-lodge is planned for construction in the Galapagos Islands, on the island of San Cristobal.

Members of the company’s Expedition Portfolio are independently operated and managed boutique sized hotels and lodges in remote destinations that offer superior service and amenities. Member hotels enjoy access to Outpost marketing and its reservation system and on-line booking engine. Expedition Properties include four in the Bahamas: Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour at West End, Bimini Sands on South Bimini, the Green Turtle Club and Blackfly Bonefish Lodge, both in the Abaco Islands. In the Caribbean: Fort Young Hotel on Dominica, the Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman and Hotel Playa Media Luna in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  The award winning Iguana Crossing Hotel, Isabella, Galapagos Islands.

Through the company’s GHOFish program, Guy Harvey Outpost promotes scientific angling expeditions, tournaments and charters. Expedition Outfitters an invitation-only collection of top-of-class dive shops and guided or charter boat fishing outfitters.

The company was founded in 2007 by Mark Ellert, a veteran hospitality professional, and is co-owned by Dr. Harvey, Bill Shedd and Charles Forman. Shedd is the owner of AFTCO, recognized worldwide for its big-game fishing tackle and merchandise. AFTCO is the official licensee of Guy Harvey Sportswear. Both Harvey and Shedd are trustees of the prestigious International Game Fishing Association, IGFA, cofounded by Ernest Hemingway during his days on Bimini. Forman is a practicing eminent domain lawyer and early partner of Dr. Harvey in the growth of his licensing and publishing activities.

Snook Foundation Logo

About The Snook and Gamefish Foundation     snookfoundation.org

Established in 1998 by Mr. William R. Mote, founder of the world renowned marine science organization Mote Marine Laboratory, the mission of SGF is to aid in the protection and preservation of current fish populations for future generations by facilitating coordination between anglers, researchers, and policy makers. SGF maintains an unwavering ethos of the conservation, preservation, restoration and enhancement of estuarine and coastal water habitats that define fishing – and SGF believes informed anglers are the key to realizing these goals.

SGF’s Angler Action program was designed with Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and input from the TPWD Coastal Fisheries Division and its data is used by Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for conduction stock assessments. The program now stands on the threshold of creating a global network of angling data that will assist with stock assessments and functional habitat identification and use.


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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, KeysKeeper, and the Lower Keys Guides Urge the FWC to Make Barracuda a Top Conservation Priority

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Recently there has been a slow but steady realization by many South Florida fisherman that the Keys barracuda population is in decline. As a result, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, KeysKeeper, and the Lower Keys Guides Association are teaming up to urge the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to make barracuda a top priority on their list.  The Florida Wildlife Federation also strongly supports this effort to improve Barracuda conservation.

A survey of fishermen, fishing guides, and scientists in the Florida Keys and South Florida indicates that the decline in the barracuda population may be due to the unregulated commercial fishery and unregulated recreational harvest for barracuda. Much like tarpon, bonefish, and permit, there is little known about the barracuda. But, the limited data on barracuda that the FWC does have actually supports this observation. Their data shows that commercial landings of barracuda actually increased by 65% in 2012.

In addition to the importance of barracuda to the recreational flats fishery of the Florida Keys, they are also critical to the entire flats ecosystem. Next to sharks, barracuda are likely the top predator on the flats, so they should receive the same protection that FWC recently provided to many shark species.

Finally, since barracuda are known carriers of ciguatoxins and the commercially harvested barracuda become part of the South Florida seafood market (although frequently marketed as another species), there is considerable and growing concern about the health risks posed to consumers.

Before there is an irreversible population decline of barracuda, we believe management action is needed. BTT, KeysKeeper, and LKGA need your help to convince the FWC to follow the same process they used to address the bonefish, tarpon, and permit fisheries by obtaining the necessary data to better regulate the barracuda fishery, and to take the responsible and precautionary approach to implementing regulations that will protect the barracuda population while the necessary information is being obtained. Please visit http://myfwc.com/contact/ to send the commission a note supporting the call for improved barracuda regulations and for the FWC to conduct a barracuda stock assessment. —– Bonefish and Tarpon Trust November 19, 2014

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End of Summer Deals for Old Bahama Bay, Guy’s West End Outpost

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Too Cheap To Stay Home!

If you are looking for a great deal, Guy Harvey Outpost has them at Old Bahama Bay, now through Sept 30th.  Book Junior Suites for only $150 per night weekdays and $199 Friday/Saturday nights (plus tax and service).  Book Dockage for $1.50 weekdays and $1.75 weekends per foot, per night.

Marina with OBB Logo

Come and enjoy the barefoot elegance Old Bahama Bay offers couples and families.   Outpost Guests receive  Complementary Watersports including:  Kayaking, paddle boards, sailing, snorkeling & our oceanfront pool.  Up for a little off property adventure?   There is great diving and fishing just minutes from our private marina.  Scuba dive on the Wall or fish for Tuna, Marlin or Bonefish we have it all.  And for those who just need a break, we have hammocks and umbrella drinks to help you chill out.   For more information call 800 513-5257 or reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com .


More information on Guy Harvey Outpost & our other great resorts:  http://www.guyharveyoutpost.com/

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Bouncer for Sale at Guy Harvey’s Bimini Sands Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

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“Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith Auctions Bimini Fishing Charters To Benefit Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and IGFA, During Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash Bonfire & Tournament at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina June 26 – June 29

 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (May 8, 2014) – Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts announced today plans to offer Bimini fishing charters with IGFA “Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith  during its upcoming  Beach Bash Bonfire and Tournament.  The June 26-29 tournament will be hosted by Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, the newest member of the Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Collection of offshore resorts and lodges. Guy Harvey Outpost has opened on-line tournament registration where anglers and their guests can bid on half and full day charters with Capt. Bouncer.  Auction proceeds will go directly to the IGFA and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to benefit conservation efforts in Bimini and its surrounding waters.

 “This is a first for me,” said Capt. Bouncer. “I’ve taken clients to Bimini to chase world records, but this is a special opportunity for anyone of any age who wants to learn first-hand my secrets of the Bimini fishing grounds.” Added Mark Ellert, president of Guy Harvey Outpost, “Fishing Bouncer and his 33-foot Dusky is the difference between fishing and catching, whatever your target species might be in Bimini. If you want to improve your odds at winning this tournament, chartering Bouncer is the way to do it.” Capt. Bouncer and crew will be available for half day charters Thursday afternoon and Friday and for a full day charter the day of the tournament, Saturday, June 28.

 The tournament format will provide prizes for all ages and species, with boat awards and scoring incentives based on largest fish caught and released. A separate billfish division will award both teams and anglers with the highest aggregate points based on the number of billfish caught and released. “With awards for length not number of fish, luck will be a factor and should create some surprising winners for non-billfish species.  After all, even blind squirrels find nuts on occasion,” adds Capt. Bouncer with his trademark smile.  

Tournament festivities will kick off Monday evening, June 23, in Fort Lauderdale with a pre-departure dockside party hosted by Papa’s Pilar Rum at the Bimini Boatyard Bar & Grill. Capt. Bouncer Smith will be on hand to offer tips on current Bimini fishing conditions and techniques.  From there the action moves to the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, with pre-fishing and social activities on Thursday and Friday, June 26 and 27.  Saturday is tournament day, with fishing from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, followed by beachfront pig-roast and awards ceremony that evening.

For more information and to register for the tournament or bid on a Capt. Bouncer charter, call Guy Harvey Outpost at 1-800-513-5257 or visit www.GuyHarveyOutpost.com/BeachBash.

About Captain Bouncer Smith

Inducted by the IGFA in 2014 as a “Legendary Captain”, Capt. Bouncer Smith is a South Florida sport fishing pioneer. Respected for his intimate sport fishing knowledge Capt. Bouncer Smith has devoted his life to sharing fishing with others through his radio shows, magazine articles, seminars, and IGFA “conservation through education” efforts. Fishing out of the Miami Beach Marina, Capt. Bouncer and his 33’ Dusky center console are icons among South Florida charter boat captains and crews, having won most major South Florida fishing tournaments during his career.  For more information visit www.captbouncer.com

About The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament

The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament will be held June 26-29 at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina. The event marks the return of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts to Bimini, the birthplace of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), after a two year hiatus to pursue development elsewhere in the Bahamas and Caribbean.   The event will feature an exciting IGFA compliant fishing competition, scuba diving, family-friendly Bahamian activities and much more, headlined by world-renowned marine artist and conservation advocate Guy Harvey and Florida fishing authority Capt. Bouncer Smith. During the event’s signature bonfire celebrations, 30-foot tall Blue Marlin wire sculptures by artist Bobby Little will be lit on fire Friday and Saturday night. The company expects the Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament to become a standing South Bimini summertime event at the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina.  For more information visit www.GuyHarveyOutpost.com/BeachBash.

About Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges promote sustainable adventure tourism and high quality watersport activities. With properties located in pristine waterfront settings, the company has become a symbol of ocean conservation and awareness while fostering lifelong memories for its guests. Its Signature Collection properties currently include the Tradewinds Resort on St. Petersburg Beach and the Islander Resort in Islamorada, and construction is underway on a 30-unit eco-lodge in the Galapagos Islands. Members of the company’s Expedition Portfolio include a network of independently owned and operated boutique hotels in Mexico and the Bahamas. For more information and reservations at all Guy Harvey Outpost properties, visit www.GuyHarveyOutpost.com.

About Bimini Sands Resort & Marina

Located 50 miles from Miami on the gateway island of South Bimini, Bimini Sands Resort & Marina features fully furnished villas with breathtaking waterfront views, a full-service marina accommodating boats up to 115 feet and three freshwater swimming pools. Bimini Sands also boasts several upscale dining options, including the island’s only sushi bar, and guests can enjoy a full complement of watersport activities. Minutes from Bimini International Airport, its idyllic location offers spectacular views of Bimini’s unparalleled blue waters and radiant sunsets, along with picturesque coral reefs and a secluded beach setting. Family-owned and operated for more than 15 years, Bimini Sands is one of the Bahamas’ best-rated family vacation destinations. For more information visit www.biminisands.com.

Guy Harvey Magazine Editor-in-Chief Fred Garth All Smiles After West End Fly Fishing Trip

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Fred Garth, Editor-in-Chief of Guy Harvey Magazine, caught this 11.2 pound bonefish off the West End of Grand Bahama on January 6, 2013, while fly fishing out of the Old Bahama Bay club with fishing guide Tommy Rolle, who is the son of legendary guide Bonefish Folley.

The Rolle family has been fishing the waters of the Bahamas for almost a century. Tommy has been guiding since he was 11 years old, and his brother Carl is also an active guide. Their father, Israel “Bonefish Rolle” Folley, was perhaps the Bahamas greatest fishing ambassador. He passed away in August at age 91.

Born in the island of Andros, Bonefish Folley learned his trade in Bimini and eventually settled in West End as the tourism industry began to grow. During his life, he fished with many celebrities and dignitaries including Ernest Hemingway, Curt Gowdy, Martin Luther King and President Richard Nixon.

Folley is immortalized in song by Bahamian musician Phil Stubbs who sings about the man who is meek and lowly, he is the one and only Bonefish Folley. The song is still heard on radio stations throughout The Bahamas. In 2006, Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour dedicated a restaurant in his honor and it is a must-stop for boaters who want to view the photos and memorabilia of this great fisherman.

Black Fly Lodge Join Guy Harvey Outpost Portfolio

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL — August 30, 2012Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts announced today that Blackly Lodge is the newest member of the its Expedition Properties Portfolio. The popular bonefishing lodge on Great Abaco island is owned and operated by Vaughn Cochran, founder of Blackfly, a diversified flyfishing company.

Making the announcement today was Outpost President Mark Ellert and fly-fishing authority Vaughn Cochran, founder of Blackfly.  “The Abacos have a world class reputation for trophy bonefish and permit,” said Ellert. “Vaughn has helped write the book on how to run world class bonefishing lodges, and that’s why we’re excited to have Blackfly as our inaugural bonefishing lodge in the Expedition portfolio.”

The once novice angler and struggling artist, Cochran landed in Key West in the early 1970’s to paint and hone his fly-fishing skills.  His days were mostly spent hunting bonefish and his nights playing music around Key West, where he eventually became an original member of Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band.  Today Cochran presides over a diverse flyfishing business, including retail, lodging, restaurants, and fine art.

In commenting on the announcement, Vaughn noted,  “Guy and I are both artists turned anglers and conservationists.  We’ve been working together now for several years to create a unique experience for anglers who want to catch trophy fish, enjoy themselves and have a low-impact on the habitat.”  Expedition Properties by Guy Harvey Outpost showcases independently owned and operated resort properties that promote sustainable tourism and offer top-of-class watersport recreation and hospitality in unique destinations.

“The DNA of Guy Harvey Outpost is one part fishing and a lot of other neat stuff.  Add that to our Blackfly DNA, and it’s a winning combination, all based on top-of-class service and memorable fishing adventures. Together, we’ll create memories for our customers that will last lifetime,” notes Cochran.

“Vaughn is certainly a character with colorful stories and a lot of passion,” notes Guy Harvey.  “He’s like a character in one of Buffett’s songs.  He goes down island, takes up painting, gets married,, manages a bunch of flyfishing lodges, runs his flyshop and art studio, opens a restaurant and then ends up back in the islands hunting bonefish and permit.”

A Hemingway Returns to Bimini – Part II: Of Boats and Bonefish

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John Hemingway, grandson of the legendary Ernest, is in Bimini this week while on assignment for Showboats International magazine. John, who is being hosted by the Bimini Big Game Club, is sampling the best of Bimini – including many of the pursuits and places that were favorites of his grandfather during his years on the island (1935-1937). John filed the following dispatches after spending the day with Bimini’s famed guide and boat builder, Ansil Saunders:

Mr. Saunders is a very interesting man. Apart from having bonefished for over fifty-five years, he was a good friend of Dr. Martin Luther King. King visited Bimini several times in the 1960s and on one of his last visits in 1968, he told his friend Ansil, while the two of them were out fishing, that he knew that he was going to die soon, that his time had come, but also that God must exist, saying “look at the sheer abundance of life you have here, in the air and in the sea. This is proof, if ever proof was needed.

Here Mr. Saunders is seen holding a photograph of himself and the US ambassador to the Bahamas when she gave him a plaque commemorating his friendship with Dr. King.

Here I’m standing behind my fishing guide, Mr Ansel Saunders. He built the bonefishing boat we’re standing next to, the cost about $30,000, incredible craftsmanship.

This guy was heavy and towards the end I was bringing in one after the other, and god do they fight (all of them were released afterwards, you don’t eat bonefish). What a morning!

The first bonefish I caught, out of about a dozen, incredible morning, about six pounds, of the eastern coast of South Bimini, Bahamas.

Stay tuned for more updates from John’s trip to Bimini!

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